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(Ani Lo Projekt) - "Miracle"

Reviewed by:

"Philip Wooldridge"- (Ravenheart Music)

(Female Fronted) {Rock/Symphonic-Metal}-(Music)
Release Date:
Band Members: Ani Lozanova - vocals. Kossy D. - Drums.
  Straho Antoniev - Bass Kalin Zhechev - Keys
  Vlado Todorov - Guitars
Track Listing: 1.)- A Miracle Is All We Need - 4:34
9.)- Slip Away - 4:11
  2.)-Angels -4:05 (Parry)
10.)-What You Sow Is What You Reap - 4:38
  3.)-Ark Of Covenant - 5:05 11.)- Miracle Is All We Need (acoustic - 5:11
  4.)- Cannot Fall Asleep -4:07
  5.)-Cry Over - 4:24  
  6.)- Fly - 5:29  
  7.)-Give In To Me (M.Jackson cover) - 4:36  
  8.)-Innocent Minds - 4:13  


Ravishing Ani Lozanova is quite a lady, a Bulgarian pop star and fitness guru who has represented her country at Eurovision and even appeared on the front cover of the Bulgarian Playboy. Then in 2009 she met world famous metal singer Ian Parry (Infinity Overture, Elegy, Consortium, Crystal Tears, etc. etc.) and this signalled a whole new departure into the world of metal. Ian has simultaneously produced this album and the new all star Consortium V release featuring Ani on backing vocals. If Cher made a symphonic melodic metal album with Arjen Lucassen, Tuomas Holopainen, and Tobias Sammet then this is what is would probably sound like, mighty, melodic, anthemic, catchy, groovy, hard rocking and sexy with a touch of prog. The first thing that strikes you the first time you give this album a spin is the musicianship and the sheer quality of the songs, many of them taken from Ian's Consortium and solo albums, so often these sort of projects suffer from formulaic songwriting and going through the motions performances, but certainly not here, on songs like 'What You Is What You Reap' the lads really rip it up. Added to that her slogan is “no singer is greater than the song”, something many singers today should listen to as they mercilessly murder some poor guy's composition with over singing, like Christina Aguilera's performance of the 'Star-Spangled Banner' at the Super Bowl, where she sang anything but the actual tune, and not even the right words! In contrast Ani has a deep rich sensuous voice that perfectly compliments the music with a soaring range and plenty of controlled power. Favourites come thick and fast, the awesome opener 'Miracle Is All We Need' with Kalin Zhechev really rippling those ivories, the stomping anthem 'Angels', the dramatic power metal 'Ark of the Covenant' (live video on Female Voices blog), the strutting steamy 'Cannot Fall Asleep', the funky 'Cry Over', their incredible symphonic metal version of Michael Jackson's 'Give In To Me' that's more Nightwish than Neverland, the melodious elegant 'Slip Away', etc. etc. etc. All the attention so far this year has been on the front runners like Within Temptation, Krypteria and Leaves Eyes, but given the right push this could sneak up on the rails and give them quite a fright. Her website is , a miraculous 9 out of 10.





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