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(Blackthorn)-"Gossamer Witchcraft"

Reviewed by:

"Philip Wooldridge"- (Ravenheart Music)

(Female Fronted) {Rock/Symphonic-Metal}-(Music)
Release Date:
Band Members: Aina - Vocals Elvira - Guitars, Keyboards
  Verbena - Bass Freya - Keyboards
  Guest musician: Alexandr Karpuhin (Master (Rus)) - drums
  Dart Scarsson - growling on "Necromance"
Track Listing: 1.)-Immortelle For A Hollow Grave (intro) :46
9.)-Will-O’-The-Wisp - 3:12
  2.)-Edenbeast - 4:01
10.)-The Cobweb Veils Fall Down With Grace (outro) - 1:07
  3.)-Necromance - 3:49  
  4.)- The Moon Emerged From Behind Clouds - 4:07  
  5.)-Saturnia - 4:50  
  6.)-Blackthorn Winter - 4:02  
  7.)-The Blackness I Prowl - 3:20  
  8.)-Gossamer Witchcraft - 5:33  


This is the intoxicating debut of five enchanting witches from the spirit realms of Russia, an elixir for the mind, body and soul. They blend in their diabolical cauldron a haunting alchemy of symphonic, progressive, power and gothic metal, with a devilish infusion of the black arts. Aina’s siren’s call has a pure phantom operatic essence, which will draw you onto the rocks of delirium. ****

It starts with the beguiling ‘Immortelle for a Hollow Grave’, leading you into the power metal nightmare of ‘Edenbeast’. An unearthly roar calls you to the demonic dance of ‘Necromance’, howling winds summon the twilight power of ‘The Moon Emerged From Behind The Clouds’, bells toll for the rapture of ‘Saturnia’, followed by the storm lashed roaring thunder of ‘Blackthorn Winter’. The creeping melancholy of ‘The Blackness I Prowl’, then the supernatural allure of ‘Gossamer Witchcraft’, the hypnotic trance of the ethereal ‘Will-o-the-Wisp, and the curtain falls with the macabre piano of ‘The Cobweb Veils Fall Down With Grace’. ****

Let these entrancing sorceresses cast you under their spell, haste ye to the spider’s web

and imbibe in their incandescent incantations. I am drawn by an irresistible force beyond human comprehension, drawn from the depths of Hades, to bestow upon them

9 out of 10.





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