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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Brighteye Brison - "Stories"

Reviewed by: Jason Carzon
Genre: Prog Rock
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Length: 52:01
Release Date: 3/2006
Progress Records
Band Members: Linus Kåse / keyboards, vocals, saxophone Johan Öijen / guitars
  Kristofer Eng / bass, taurus, theremin, flute, vocals Daniel Kåse / drums, vocals, trumpet
  Per Hallman / vocals
Track Listing: 1.)- Stories(2:54) 8.)-All love (9:02)
  2.)- Patterns (8:37) 9.)- We wanna return (5:33)
  3.)- Isolation (5:00) 10.)-Stories (reprise) (1:50)
  4.)-The Battle of Brighteye Brison (6:57) 11.)-
  5.)- Elenah (1:14) 12.)-
  6.)-Late (5:22) 13.)-
  7.)-Life inside (5:31)
The Review

BRIGHTEYE BRISON is a Swedish outfit in the classic prog mould, though also sporting some art-rock elements in a lot of the vocal 'song' sections which recall Supertramp, Genesis and 10CC at times, but not so much you'd notice. Yes, solo Wakeman and Gentle Giant sounds as well. Plenty of melodic themes and moody or dramatic moments for the prog nut in you, with a definate 70's throwback sound. There's also a bit of a fusion or jazz leaning, but mostly in flavor rather than in execution. Vocals are in English and don't have any real accent issues, though they pretty much are vocals of the 'band member that sings' variety rather than that of the 'lead vocalist'. This is Brighteye's third album.***

the trax:

STORIES: judging from the amateurish sounding opening synth squiggles, you may be forgiven if you may have gotten the impression that you were hearing the opening notes of some formulaic fourth rate Neo band, but before long there is some decent feel from the understated yet nimble rhythm section and guitar. At less than three minutes in length, there is plenty of texture and sections in this title track.***

PATTERNS: the previous track acts as an intro to this epic, which again has plenty of musical contrasts. The vocal 'song' aspects come close to art rock giants such as Supertramp at their most atmospheric. As expected, the first 'main' track pretty much sums up the rest of the album.***

ISOLATION: mid-tempo art-prog track with some mellotron, cinematic synths in the Wakeman vein, and a hint of jazz.***

BATTLE OF BRIGHTEYE BRISON: classical elements for this lengthy one, and nice organ chords. Many sections here, including a funky section and a narrative section as well. Horns come in as well for a somewhat Baroque section.***

ELENAH: reflective piano intro which segues into the next track.***

LATE: a moodier almost-ballad with some jazzy touches and a pretty happening and emotional guitar solo. Some light saxophone adds that slight nuance, and some decent Steely Dan harmonies raise this track above some of the others.***

LIFE INSIDE: another slower track which boasts a somewhat dreamy hue and an almost Rundgren-esque feel before going into some more panoramic instrumentation.***

ALL LOVE: the longest track on the album at 9 minutes has some Yes moments The use of saxophone is refreshing and adds an element of smooth class- it should have been used more often, though I suppose that would have altered the landscape of the band and the material altogether. Plenty of instrumental moments, including a xylophone-sounding solo which was not the least bit expected. There's some flute as well.***

WE WANNA RETURN: and perhaps they shall. This is another Supertramp meets Flower Kings type track.***

STORIES(Reprise): a return of the opening track theme which ends the album in grand fasion.***

A little more original than some, and full of decent textures and musical kibbles & bits. If you like 70's-worshipping prog-rock, try this one.***


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