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(Elane) - "Arcane"

Reviewed by:

"Philip Wooldridge"- (Ravenheart Music)

(Female Fronted) {Rock/Symphonic-Metal}-(Music)
Release Date:
Band Members: Joran Elane - Voice, High & Low whistles, add. Harp Skaldir - Guitar, Voice, Whistle
  Nico - Keyboards, Programming, Voice Simon - Viola, Violin, Cello
Track Listing: 1.)-The Gift
  2.)-Heart of the Desert
  3.)-. Samarkand 11.)- Spinnenhaus
  4.)- Arcane Ride
12.)- Deae Noctis
  5.)-Magdalena 13.Dammertal
  6.)- Wasser und Fels 14._Masken
  7.)-Die geheime Melodie 15.)Goddess of the Night
  8.)- My Ivory Fairy  


In my review for their last album Silver Falls I mentioned that this Celtic folk rock group from Germany was moving towards melodic rock. This brand new album sees the quartet of lovely singer Joran Elane, guitarist Skaldir, keyboardist Nico and violist Simon head towards epic symphonic rock, Clannad, Enya and Eisblume with added power and majesty. The album is inspired by the works of German author Kai Meyer who has written many historically based fantasy books for both adults and children. There are 15 tracks containing 5 song cycles based around his books which are mainly in German, although the album lyrics are predominantly in English, 'Göttin der Wüste' ('Goddess of the Desert', set in Africa in the early 20th century), 'Surmkinde', ('The Storm King', based on Arabian Nights), 'Herrin der Lüge', ('Mistress of Lies', set in Europe and the Holy Land in 1210), 'Loreley' (based on the Rhine's legendary Loreley Rock siren) and 'Das Zweite Gesicht' ('The Second Face', set in 1920's Berlin). Each cycle is a mixture of songs featuring Joran's wonderful pure voice and instrumentals. Highlights range from glorious symphonic rock numbers 'Heart of the Desert', 'Arcane Ride', 'Deae Noctis' and 'Goddess of the Night' to the sublime 'Magdalena', 'My Ivory Fairy' and 'Lurlinnight'. There is a strong essence of the mystic east running throughout the album, especially on instrumental pieces like 'Samarkand' and 'Wasser Und Fels' ('Water & Rock'). Another remarkable track is 'Masken' sung by Nico in English which reminds me of Leonard Cohen. The whole album is like a sumptuous magic carpet ride through mystic lands, so float along to their magical web kingdom, , and it's available from most bountiful bazaars, a glorious 9 out of 10.





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