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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Jupiter Society: “First Contact//Last Warning"

Reviewed by: Jerry Lucky
Genre: Prog Metal
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Length: 1:00:35
Release Date: August 26, 2008
Band Members: Nils Erikson: Vocals/Keyboards Aivin Tronstad: Guitar/Vocals
  Ulf E: Guitar Joachim Flinck: Guitar
  Cia Backman: Vocals/Mats Leven: Vocals /Declan Burke: Vocals Jan Hellman: Bass/Acoustic Baritone Guitar/ Stefan Fanden: Bass /Sven Lindvall: Bass/ Leif Edling: Bass
  Carl Westholm - Piano/Synths Jonas K: Drums/ Lars Skjöld: Drums/Jonas Waldefeldt: Percussion
Track Listing: 1.) -The Pilot -7:11 8.)-Presumed Dying -9:38
  2.)-Bismarck Explorer -7:32  
  3.)-Cold, Rigid And Remote -5:51  
  4.)- Abduction -7:11  
  5.)-The Enemy -11:36  
  6.)-Solitude Unites Us -6:44  
  7.)-8511 - (4:52)

Back in the sixties and early seventies the idea of doing solo projects was shunned or viewed as a sign of the end for the band you were in. Today solo projects have become almost the norm. Solo projects have become yet another creative outlet for creative people. So it is with the new release under the name Jupiter Society entitled First Contact//Last Warning. Spearheaded by Carl Westholm (keyboards), perhaps best known as one-half of the band Carptree, he has gathered together Jonas Kallsback (drums), Stefan Fanden (bass), Mats Leven (vocals, drums), Nils Erikson (vocals, programming), Oivin Tronstad (vocals), Leif Edling (bass), Cia Backman (female vocals) and Ulf Edelonn (guitars) to produce a stirring symphonic masterpiece. An impressive cast representing such bands as Candlemass, Krux, Therion and others.***

The hour long disc, First Contact//Last Warning consists of eight tracks, all of which tend to be on the longish side. All but two are seven minutes or more with the longest being eleven and half minutes. Stylistically the music created by Jupiter Society has much in common with Carptree; it is grand in scope, majestic, panoramic, large scale symphonic progressive rock. As might be expected, melody plays a significant role in these compositions. WhereJupiter Society is different is that here the music tends to be slightly heavier in tone. Not as heavy as say Therion but certainly just as complex. The arrangements are lush and full of dynamics. And while the guitar is there, it doesn’t stand out anywhere near as much as the plethora of keyboards do. Structurally these compositions, being longer provide for ample sonic variety. There are many moody, soft and delicate almost ambient sections that contrast beautifully with the more grand and bombastic sections. This is the kind of music, driven as it is with the melody that sends shivers up my spine and makes the hair on my arms stand up! It is brilliant. Vocally, again there are times where I hear Carptree, but with each of the players taking a turn at the microphone there is a lot more vocal variety. This being a sci-fi concept each vocalist plays a part propelling the story along. Needless to say there are many opportunities for massed choirs creating these huge operatic-like sections.***

If you are a Carptree fan but looking for something perhaps a little more complex and involved and maybe a little heavier, look no further because Jupiter Society is going to fit the bill nicely. Conversely if you are a Therion fan but looking for something just a little lighter with slightly more accessible melodies this will be just the ticket for you. First Contact//Last Warning is a masterful achievement that will also appeal to fans of Ayreon. The music here is packed with nuance and it’s the kind of disc I can keep going back to over and over again and each time hear something new. Jupiter Society is easily one of my favorites for the year.



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