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(NeraNature) - "Foresting Wounds"

Reviewed by:

"Philip Wooldridge"- (Ravenheart Music)

(Female Fronted) {Rock/Symphonic-Metal}-(Music)
Release Date:
Band Members: Agnieszka "Nera" Górecka - Female Vocals Krzysztof "Chris" Michalak - Guitar, Bass
  Markus - Bass Maciej "Darkside" Kowalski - Drums
Track Listing: 1.)- Shattered - 3:08
9.)-Scar - 4:28
  2.)- Precious Now - 3:44
10.)-Before - 2:55
  3.)-World Is Not Enough - 3:53 11.)- Dormant - 3:35
  4.)- Woman's Soul- 4:00
12.)-Someone - 4:36
  5.)-Oblivion - 3:04  
  6.)-Broken - 3:08  
  7.)- Disappointed - 3:46  
  8.)-Some Air - 3:51  


Nera is the seductive co-lead singer with the Polish black metal outfit Darzamat, or should I say sole lead singer as that guy's screaming hardly qualifies as singing, more being tortured by a red hot poker. Anyway, this, her first solo album, is thankfully a totally different kettle of fish, atmospheric gothic metal in the same mould as Lacuna Coil, modern Gary Numan and Lahannya, but with her own distinctive moody haunting sound. This is down to her deep rich awesome voice that is melded into the equally deep rich awesome production sound courtesy of Jaroslaw Toifel, good grief does this perfect combination sound good. Jaroslaw has somehow managed to soak everything in reverb and still keep it as clear as a bell, really remarkable, it must be a total joy for the band to be recorded so beautifully.*** I found it quite mesmerising the way her voice is so strong, sonorous and melodic as the music swells, soars and lulls driven along by a throbbing groove, it all creates an almost hypnotic quality to the music, heightened by the atmospheric effects. Nera is living proof that you can be deeply soulful just by tone and intonation without wailing your head off, and the lyrics are also obviously deeply personal to her. Every song is superb, including the terrific lead single 'Precious Now' (video on Female Voices blog), the swaying beguiling 'Woman's Soul', the eastern inflected rocker 'Broken' with it's raging riff, the rousing and conversely titled 'Disappointed' with it's ethereal passage, and the driving far from lifeless 'Dormant'. Even her Garbage cover (that's Garbage the band, I don't mean a rubbish version) 'The World is Not Enough' fits seamlessly into the flow of the album.*** Rarely have I heard an album sound this good, and when combined with excellent song writing and a truly outstanding singer it creates something rather special. Her website is , a deeply deep 9 out of 10.





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