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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Porcupine Tree - "Fear Of A Blank Planet"

Reviewed by: Russ Bellinger
Genre: Prog Rock
Country: England
Language: English
Length: 50:08
Release Date: April 24, 2007
Band Members: Steven Wilson / vocals, guitar, piano Richard Barbieri / keyboards, synthesizers
  Colin Edwin / bass guitar Gavin Harrison / drums & percussion
  Alex Lifeson / guitar solo (3) Robert Fripp / soundscapes (5)
    John Wesley / backing vocals
Track Listing: 1.)- Fear of a Blank Planet (7:28)  
  2.)- My Ashes (5:07)  
  3.)- Anesthetize (17:42)  
  4.)-Sentimental (5:26)  
  5.)- Way Out of Here (7:37)  
  6.)-Sleep Together (7:28)  
The Review

What is happening to the kids of today? Have they lost their mind's or can they find them? Why don't they seem to care? Is it the use of prescription pills that confuse them? Is it the constant use of computers and mindless games? Is it just the boredom? This seems to be the theme that dominates the new Porcupine Tree CD. It is kind of like Porcupine Tree's "Tommy". The first CD they have done that incorporates using a sort of story throughout. But it is done with excellent taste and precision. The music is simply awesome. Nothing less than you have come to expect from Porcupine Tree. This is not a continuation of "Deadwing" (although the title track seems to be the first written since that CD and could have easily fit). It is basically a step in another direction for the band. Nothing drastic, but adding strings and a few other touches.***

The title track opens the CD and rocks hard with with a great bass line throughout. Great lyrics by Steve.*** The second track is an absolutely beautiful song called "My Ashes". This is one of the tracks where they use the strings to great advantage and it adds tremendously to the mood of the song. Once again, great lyrics by Steve.***

The third track "Anesthetize" is over seventeen minutes and really is the core of Blank Planet. It weaves itself into three different corners which contain passages of beautiful harmonies and rocking distortion. The water section is astounding. Really an incredible track.***

As the CD continues on in interesting Porcupine fashion the last 3 tracks all offer something great as well. Robert Fripp of King Crimson guests on "Way Out Of Here" using his soundscapes to great effect.***

This is definately a CD to own for prog fans. Even though at first I did not like it as much as "Deadwing", after a few listens it grew on me and I now appreciate it much more. I hesitate to say that it is not as good as "Deadwing" because it is just different, as each of their CDs are different from each other. That's what makes them one of the classic prog bands. The keep it interesting.***

Russ Bellinger May /07


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