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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Seventh Wonder – "Mercy Falls"

Reviewed by: Tommy Hash
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden
Length: 1:13:57
Release Date: 9/15/08
Band Members: Tommy Karevik - Vocals Johan Liefvendahl - Guitar
  Andreas Söderin - Keyboards Andreas Blomqvist - Bass
  Johnny Sandin - Drums
Track Listing: 1.)- A New Beginning -3:05 9.)-Fall In Line -6:09
  2.)-There And Back (Overture) -3:02 10.)-Break The Silence -9:29
  3.)-Welcome To Mercy Falls -5:11 11.)-Hide And Seek -7:46
  4.)- Unbreakable -7:18 12.)-Destiny Calls -6:17
  5.)-Tears For A Father -1:58 13.)-One Last Goodbye -4:21
  6.)-A Day Away -3:43 14.)-Back In Time -1:14
  7.)-Tears For A Son -1:43 15.)-The Black Parade -6:57
  8.)-Paradise -5:44  

Welcome to Mercy Falls, a town where tragedy collides with the human element – and the story unravels throughout Seventh Wonder’s most ambitious album to date – but is it more than just one story, yes it is, and it all comes together full circle on what appears to be the concept album of the year.

Mercy Falls is one solid record, a piece of work that stands in line with the first wave of progressive metal bands & modern day troubadours such as Circus Maximus, Stride, Vox Tempus, and Sphere of Souls for music that keeps the focus on the melody – but here, with this being a concept album, Seventh Wonder’s strengths are shown further when the concept is brought to the table, as so few are able to keep the musical element strong while keeping or even attempting thematic overtones – as this band pulls it off on both ends, making for a completely solid record.

The music itself is brought forth with instrumental passages, sound effects, and even dialog from characters that help enhance the overall story and mood – the album starts out with the instrumental “A New Beginning,” which is where the tragedy begins (a car accident, where we are treated to a mass of orchestration which leads up to a metallic jam session that is amongst a backdrop of sirens & emergency radio communication…hinting that this is going to be a dark journey). Intensity is followed with the second track (“There and Back”) which is also an instrumental cut; creating an interlude to more hard edged numbers such as “Welcome to Mercy Falls,” the staccato laden “A Day Away,” “Paradise,” and “Destiny Calls,” which all portray the upbeat side to the record; but with the concept comes the emotive stance and laid back tunes as well as balladry are cleverly executed with “Tears for a Son,” “Tears for a Father,” and “Break the Silence” casting the darker pall upon the fifteen cuts. Two climatic songs end this record, “Back in Time” where the concept seems to take its shocking turn, and “The Black Parade,” which is almost like a reprise, not necessarily to the concept, but to the actual psychological themes altogether.

Recorded by the band with help from Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye), mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Manticora), with bassist Andreas Blomqvist at the helm of it all, Mercy Falls is not only a record of excellent musical feat, but it proves with all involved really are helping lead the way for the real solid melodic progressive metal to come back to the forefront in the days where the song is often lost unto overdone arrangements & production (yes there is are catchy choruses and hook laden riffs on this one). Within the spectrum of concept albums it falls upon the lines of Operation: Mindcrime instead of something that is far fetched such as Pain of Slavation’s Be; the right nerve has been struck with Mercy Falls, album number three proves to be the charm for these guys, like label mates Mind’s Eye, they just keep getting more elaborate, and it’s on their own terms at their own pace, not setting out to make the wrong music for the wrong reason – it’s all right and it’s all good here.



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