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Progland was founded by John Gabbard in 2005. It's purpose has been to provide you, the music community with the latest music and dvd reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular music reviews in the progressive world.


Tarkus – "Ao Vivo Em Niteron" (DVD)

Reviewed by:

Erik Neuteboom

Symphonic Prog
Release Date:
Band Members:
Maristella Bessa / lead vocal
Mickey Nicolas / keyboards, backing vocals
Fernando Faustino / drums, backing vocals
Teixeira Luiz / bass guitar
Allex Bessa / keyboards, backing vocals
Aru Jr / guitar, violin, backing vocals
Track Listing: 1.)-O Portal
9.)-O Retorno Da Lenda
  2.)-Mundo Novo
10.)- O Hino
  3.)-Vida Nova 11.)- Dumont
  4.)-No Campo
12.)-Ensaio Dos Ventos
  6.)-A Danca Escolhida  
  7.)-Vale Magico  
  8.)-A Conquista  


This is a Brasilian six piece band rooted in 2000, they have released two studio albums: A Gaze Between The Past And The Future (2002) and Mundus Novus (2006). In December 2006 Tarkus also released the live CD entitled Ao Vivo Em Niteron (2005, Brazil). This DVD contains 12 composition (including the ten CD tracks and two extra songs), the running time is at about 1,5 hour. We can enjoy many camera positions and lots of solo shots, the lightshow is no more or less than tasteful with wonderful red, blue and green colours, the excellent musicians play very enthousiastic and the female singer sounds warm and passionated.

From the first moment I listened to Tarkus I was carried away by their wonderful symphonic prog compositions featuring a lush keyboard sound (two members are keyboardist), strong and warm female Brasilian vocals (at some moments similar to Bacamarte), a dynamic and fluent rhythm-section and a crafted guitar player (from acoustic rhythm guitar to propulsive riffs and sensitive soli). The most remarkable element is the sound of the Minimoog, the music contains lots of spectacular soli with strong hints from Seventies Rick Wakeman. The climates on the ten compositions shift very flowing from dreamy to often bombastic and some songs deliver solo pieces on classical piano (very sparkling) and classic guitar (with flageolets that remind me of Steve Hackett). My highlights on this very compelling CD are O Portal (pleasant changing climates and a great build-up that culminates into an exciting ‘grand finale’’ with Minimoog flights in the vein of the final part of Starship Trooper by Yes), Vida Nova (warm intro with classical guitar and piano, then lots of shifting moods and again exciting Minimoog runs and sensitive electric guitar) and A Danca Escolhida (wonderful twanging guitar, than first a dreamy atmosphere and then a strong build-up to a bombastic final part with powerful organ waves and propulsive guitar riffs). The final track Ensaio Dos Ventos delivers a pleasant atmosphere with a rock element (swinging piano, R&R guitar and powerful vocals) but it ends with a symphonic prog finale that delivers sparkling piano and sensational Minimoog flights, goose bumps! The two extra songs are also worth listening, “no fillers, all killers”! First No Campo, a solo piece on the Takamine acoustic guitar, the atmosphere reminds me of Steve Hackett his composition Horizons, emphasized by the use of flageolets in the end. Then the wonderful and very compelling Vale Magico, it starts with a majestic church organ sound, then a slow rhythm with a captivating electric guitar/sitar (on keyboards) duel and a grand finale featuring lush keyboards, this is Progheaven!

I can only conclude with “highly recommended”, in my opinion Tarkus deserves worldwide attention, what a performance!



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