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(Tristania) - "Rubicon"

Reviewed by:

"Dave Smith "- (Ravenheart Music)

(Female Fronted) {Rock/Symphonic-Metal}-(Music)
Release Date:
Band Members: Mariangela "Mary" Demurtas - Female Vocals Kjetil Nordhus - Clean Vocals
  Anders H°yvik Hidle - Guitars, Harsh Vocals (on "Protection" and "Magical Fix"), Harsh Backing Vocals (on "Patriot Games", "Vulture" and "Illumination") Gyri S. Losnegaard - Guitars
  Ole Vistnes - Bass, Clean Backing Vocals Einar Moen - Keyboards, Programming
  Tarald Lie - Drums
Track Listing: 1.)-Year of the Rat 4:35
9.)-Amnesia 4:54
  2.)-Protection 4:15
10.)-Magical Fix 4:20
  3.)-Patriot Games 3:27 11.)- Illumination 8:13
  4.)- The Passing 4:48
12.)- Bonus Tracks - The Emerald Piper ( 3:09)
  5.)-Exile 4:26 13.)-Caprice ( 3:38)
  6.)-Sirens 4:27  
  7.)-The Emerald Piper 3:09  
  8.)-Vulture 3:43  


It is three years since Tristania's 'Illumination', and since then the band has undergone various line up changes, including a newly recruited singer, Mariangela Demurtas from Sardinia. Despite the changes, the band still utilise the use of the distinct male/female vocal format to great effect. 'Rubicon' was recorded during the first months of 2010, and as we can expect, we have another winner on our hands here. The record gets underway with the catchy 'Year Of The Rat', that will already be familiar with those of you that follow the band very closely on the internet. 'Protection' and the heavy sounding 'Patriot Games' carries on this excellent start, offering upbeat but catchy material. 'The Passing' is one of my fave tracks on this platter - a slower number but with some awesome instrumentation, heavy guitar riffs and great vocals. 'Exil' is a heavy sounding track, and what an excellent first 5 tracks on this album. Does it continue? Silly question really as it sure does. The catchy 'Sirens' continues with the lyrics "he couldn't get out of bed in the morning, he thought life was a drag" I am sure we all think like that sometimes :) 'Vulture' is another cool track in true Tristania tradition, whilst the album's closing trio maintain the high quality of music on this release - 'Megical Fix' another highlight, with a kinda late 70s feel to the chorus, while closer, the epic 'Illumination', well, I am outta breath :) Mariangela has an excellent vocal approach that fits in well with Tristania's style of music. While pushing forward, this record still offers the Gothic sound that is the trademark of their music and deserves to offer the band further success in this genre. Another great release from Napalm, and therefore 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)





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