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(Violet Sun) - "Loneliness in Supremacy"

Reviewed by:

"Philip Wooldridge"- (Ravenheart Music)

(Female Fronted) {Rock/Symphonic-Metal}-(Music)
Release Date:
Band Members: Alessandra Amata – vocals, piano Dario Grillo – vocals, guitar, bass, keys
  Alex Grillo – drums
Track Listing: 1.)-Dust in the Wind 5.27
9.)-Pray on the Grave 3.35
  2.)-Inside Out 5.28
10.)-Break Your Chains 5.16
  3.)-Midnight 0.49 11.)- Synthetic Pleasure 7.49
  4.)- When the Lights Go Down 6.05
12.)-Loneliness in Supremacy 2.20
  5.)-Cross the Line 6.12  
  6.)-Falling in Love 6.54  
  7.)-Where is My Way Home 4.30  
  8.)-My Flame Still Burns 6.20  


Violet Sun is a brand new project by former Thy Majestie’s vocalist Dario Grillo and lovely singer Alessandra Amata. Although Thy Majestie is a symphonic power metal band in the mould of fellow Italians Rhapsody, Violet Sun is a totally different proposition, and as well as singing Dario plays all the instruments bar drums, played by Alex Grillo, and piano by Alessandra. Their basic template reminds me of a more powerful version of the melodic metal Kiske Somerville album both musically and vocally but with added Delain, Kamelot and Avantasia, exemplified by ‘Dust in the Wind’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Where Is My Way Home’. Upon this framework songs like ‘When the Lights Go Down’ and ‘My Flame Still Burns’ add a little more Dream Theatre prog, ‘Cross the Line’ a touch of Nightwish symphonic, ‘Falling in Love’ some Heart AOR complete with sax solo, the galloping ‘Pray on the Grave’ a spot of Ayreon weirdness, ‘Break Your Chains’ a soupcon of jazz with some more sax, and the epic ‘Synthetic Pleasure’ a hint of the souq. Interesting question, when was the last time you heard sax on a metal song? I’m stumped. It is all superbly produced, performed and sung with great synths and an unusual lightning fast staccato rhythm guitar sound and style that gives the music real oomph whilst giving the rest of the instruments space to breathe, it brings to mind someone like Lanvall of Edenbridge. The only minor quibble is that some songs are slightly stretched out, a spot of judicious pruning wouldn’t go amiss, and occasionally they over egg the pudding, for example ‘Falling in Love’ could have been shortened without the unnecessary prog bit to let the song shine. If you like melodic and/or melodic prog metal then you will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful album, more info can be found at , a most excellent 9 out of 10.





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