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About DVDivas
Dvdivas was founded by John Gabbard in 2000. It's purpose has been and remains to be to provide you, the entertainment community with the latest dvds and movie reviews. It will continue to be your link to the most popular dvd movies.


Reviews S
Michael Sadler-Clear-Tim's Review
(Saga) – "Contact – Live in Munich"- (DVD) (Taylor's Review)
Saga) – "Contact – Live in Munich"- (DVD) (Wayne's Review)
(Saga) – "Human Condition"-(Taylor's Review)
Saga-Trust - Joshua's Review
Saga-Trust - Jeff's Review
Salem Hill - Mimi's Magic Moment
"Salt" - (Chris)
Sandstone - "Looking For Myself"
Satellite-Evening Games-Tom's Review
(Satellite) - "Nostalgia"- (Thomas)
Saxon - Lionheart
SBB-New Century
Scar Symmetry- "Holographic Universe"
(Sea of Despair) - "Moonlight"
(Senogul) - "Concierto de Evocacion Sonora"
Serenity "Fallen Sanctuary"
(Seven Steps to the Green Door)-“Step In (2) My World"
Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls
Shadow Gallery-Room V
(Shadows' Grey) - "Bonjour Tristesse"

(Shadowland) - "Edge of Night" - (DVD) - (Charlie's Review)

Shadowman - Different Angles
Derek Sherinian - Blood Of The Snake
(Derek Sherinian)-"Molecular Heinosity"
Sieges Even- Art Of Navigating By The Stars
Sieges Even - "Playgrounds"
(Siegfried) - "Nibelung"
Signs Of One - Innerlands
Sikth - "Death of a Dead Day"
Silent Call - "Creations From A Chosen Path"
Simon Says - Tardigrade
(Sirenia) - "Enigma Of Life"
(Sleepthief) - "Labyrinthine Heart"
Snovonne) - "It’s Sno, Baby – Not Sugar"
Sodom - ST
Soft Machine-Floating World-Live
(Solar) - "At Dawn"
Sonus Umbra-Digging For Zeros
Jeff Scott Soto - Essential Ballads
(Soul Enema) - "Thin Ice Crawling"
Soul Secret - "Flowing Portraits"
Spaced Out - “Unstable Matter”
"The Spaghetti Epic – 3" : (The Great Silence)
Sphere3 - Comeuppance
Spheric Universe Experience - Anima
(Sphinx) - "Ghost"
(Spleen Arcana): “The Field Where She Died"
Splinter - Dreamers
Spock's Beard - Oblivion Particle
Spock’s Beard – "Live DVD"-Tommy's Review
Spock’s Beard – "Live DVD"- (Paul's Review)
Spock's Beard-Gluttons For Punishment-Live-2005
Spock's Beard-Octane-Special Edition-Tom Beck's Review
"S.O.T.E."= Songs Of The Exile - "Reasons"
Starbreaker - "Love's Dying Wish"
Starcastle - Song Of Times
(Star One)- "Victims of the Modern Age"- (Phil)
(Star One)- "Victims of the Modern Age"- (Keith)
(Stars) - "Five Ghosts"
Stencil Forest - Abyss
Stencil Forest-Opening Act - Jason C. Review
Stencil Forest - Opening Act
Roine Stolt-Wall Street Voodoo-Brent's Review
Roine Stolt-Wall Street Voodoo--Russ's Review
Roine Stolt-Wall Street Voodoo-Gordon's Review
(Stormy Atmosphere) - "Color Blind"
Stream Of Passion - Embrace The Storm
Stream Of Passion - "Live in the Real World" - DVD-2006
Daryl Stuermer - Rewired
Styx-Big Bang Theory
Submarine Silence - ST
Surveillance - "Angelstation"
Nad Sylvan - Courting The Window
Sylvan – "Leaving Backstage - Live at Kampnagel"
Sylvan-Posthumous Silence - Jerry's Review
(Sylvan) - "Posthumous Silence": {The Show}- (Paul's Review)
Sylvan - Presets
Symphonity - "Voice From the Silence"
Sympozion - Kundabuffer
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